The indoor jungle: lush, breathing, cozy and alive. Plants in every corner, in every nook, on every windowsill. It’s what we aspire to in our homes, and what makes us excited to explore the new plants that come into the nursery. There’s no better way to kick off your own indoor jungle than with some large indoor plants.

You’d be surprised how much adding even one large indoor plant can give the illusion of an indoor jungle, even in tight spaces like apartments. The height and volume of greenery from your large captures the eye and immediately makes your space lush. Add a few smaller plants around the house and you’re well on your way to your own indoor plant kingdom.

To help you get started on your indoor jungle, here are 8 of our favorite large indoor plants. We break them down by growth habit, light/water needs and ease of care, so you can find the houseplant (or tree!) to fit your needs.

Large Indoor Plants to kick off your Jungle

  1. Monstera Deliciosa

    Why we love it:
    Incredible texture, monstrous growth; monstera is the ultimate indoor jungle plant. Its leaves split naturally with maturity, and it will grow big fast.
    Growth habit: Vine
    Care rating: Easy – Larger leaves come along with more light.
    Light: Medium to bright indirect
    Water needs: Medium

  2. Philodendron Family

    Large cultivars include:
    gloriosum, variifolium, fiddle leaf, blushing pink,
    Why we love it: So much variety! So much texture! This large plant family has it all, from silky vines to monster leaves. You can find the right color and texture to fit your indoor jungle. Plus, they’re pretty darn easy to keep alive.
    Growth Habit: Vine or clump
    Care rating: Easy-Medium – Most cultivars are highly forgiving of neglect.
    Light: Low to bright indirect (non-variegated cultivars require less light)
    Water needs: Medium

  3. Schefflera

    Why we love it:
    This tropical tree reaches for the sky. Lovely umbrella-like leaf clusters on wide reaching stems make this one of our very favorites. Look for the golden cultivars for a unique leaf color!
    Growth Habit: Upright (tree)
    Care rating: Medium-Difficult – Sensative to frequent moves, and will drop leaves if unhappy
    Light: Medium to bright indirect
    Water needs: Medium

  4. Norfolk Pine

    Why we love it:
    Who doesn’t love a conifer forest. It’s in our northwest blood. Though these trees aren’t native to the Pacific Northwest, they make us reminiscent of a rainy afternoon in the woods – all without leaving the house.
    Growth Habit: Upright (tree)
    Care rating: Medium-Difficult – Make sure it gets enough light and never let it fully dry out.
    Light: Bright indirect or direct
    Water needs: High

  5. Jade Tree

    Why we love it:
    Gorgeous bright green leaves edged with reddish pink, stately trunk and easy to propagate. What’s not to love?
    Growth Habit: Upright (tree)
    Care rating: Medium – Ensure it gets enough light and isn’t overwatered
    Light: Bright dappled or direct
    Water needs: Low

Honorable mention: Philodendron selloum, Euphorbia trigona, Phothos satin, Ficus lyrata and Rhaphidophora decursiva.

What are your favorite large indoor plants? How have you used them to create your indoor jungle? Share with us in the comments!

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I am interested in your Monstera Deliciosa Plant. – I live in Silver City, NM.
What would be the cost ? – And is it readily available ?

— Jim McQuaide