Acianthera prolifera (formerly known as Pleurothallis prolifera) is the cutest plant we've seen in a while. The plant is a thick-leaved lithophytic orchid that will grow a cluster of small magenta flowers in the cusp of its leaves. A lithophyte is a plant that grows in the nooks between rocks, and this orchid grows on the mossy cliffs of Southeastern Brazil. As this plant matures, its thick leaves will grow larger and more concave, a perfect frame for its cluster of flowers. While the flowers are adorable, this plant is grown for its unusual leaves.


 Light: Medium to bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can harm the plant.
• Water: Water as substrate approaches dryness. Do not let fully dry out for long.
• Considerations: Increased humidity can help induce blooms and new growth. This plant prefers a well-draining substrate with lots of air pockets.

Acianthera prolifera pleurothallis miniature orchid
Acianthera prolifera
Acianthera prolifera

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