Adenium obesum is a desert-growing caudiciform, beloved for its huge colorful blooms. The plants are usually deciduous, losing their leaves in the winter. During the growing season, these plants quickly grow lots of leaves and, once mature, produce blooms up to 3" across, in white, red, yellow, or even black. Adenium obesum prefer a dry winter rest, and that time spent leafless really showcases the amazing swollen trunk. The wide trunk makes theis plant a perfect specimen for bonsai!


 Light: Bright, direct light. South- or west-facing windows preferred.
• Water: Drought tolerant. Let soil completely dry between waterings. Caudex will become soft and squishy with severe drought, signaling time for a thorough watering.
• Considerations: Use well-draining soil. Amend substrate with pumice, perlite, sand, or similar. Reduce watering almost completely during the winter, watering just enough to keep caudex firm.

Adenium obesum Desert Rose plant houseplant care

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