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Our Brick & Mortar stores are now open with updated hours and protocols! Plan Your Visit

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3811 N Mississippi Ave
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Open 10am–7pm Every Day

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Welcome to Pistils Nursery. Our special plants, handmade goods and more were selected for people seeking simple, beautiful ways to bring a bit of the outside in. We hope you enjoy your exploration.
Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant - Pistils Nursery

Xerographica Air Plant

From $ 22.00
Hanging Aerium - Wren's nest with tillandsia air plant

Wren's Nest Hanging Aerium

$ 28.50

Tectorum Air Plant

From $ 14.00
Tillandsia Bulbosa Air Plant - Pistils Nursery

Bulbosa Air Plant

From $ 6.00
Caput Medusae Air Plant - Large - Pistils Nursery

Caput medusae Air Plant

From $ 8.00
Tillandsia Stricta Black Beauty Air Plant - Pistils Nursery

Stricta Air Plant

$ 16.00