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Kokedama: Houseplant Bonsai from Pistils Nursery


Simply translated, kokedama means "moss ball," and these pieces are our take on the traditional Japanese bonsai practice of the same name. Handmade by our team, each piece can sit in a shallow dish or hang with the attached fishing line loop, making them lovely additions to any window or tabletop.
Kokedama Kit - Pistils Nursery

Kokedama Kit

$ 32.00
Anthurium Kokedama - White Blush - Pistils Nursery

Anthurium Kokedama

$ 48.00
Vining Kokedama String Garden with Philodendron

Philodendron Kokedama

From $ 38.00

Hoya Kokedama

From $ 38.00

Bird's Nest Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Footed Fern Kokedama - Blue Star Fern - Pistils Nursery

Footed Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Maranta Kokedama - String Garden - Pistils Nursery

Maranta Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Asparagus Fern Kokedama - Pistils Nursery

Asparagus Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Christmas Cactus Kokedama - Pistils Nursery

Christmas Cactus Kokedama

$ 48.00
Rhipsalis Kokedama - String Garden - Pistils Nursery

Jungle Cactus Kokedama

From $ 38.00

Staghorn Fern Kokedama

$ 48.00