Hopes are high for this particular New Year. As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic in the heart of winter, this year we are skipping new year's resolutions, and turning over a new leaf. Looking to folklore and science, we're starting a houseplant New Year’s tradition.

Indoor plants offer us a sense of hope, especially in difficult times. When the day to day weighs heavily, we find looking to our plants – to their continued growth and resilience – gives us a breath of life. Specific types of houseplants have long been associated with rituals, good luck and good intentions in traditions around the world. Caring for houseplants has been proven to improve mental health, clean air toxins, and offer us a renowned sense of hope.

Instead of strict New Year’s resolutions, which may be especially hard to keep this year, we offer a softer and more gentle way to celebrate this January: appreciating, cultivating and collecting a new plant.

Aloe Plicata - Houseplant New Year's Tradition - Pistils Nursery

Houseplants to Bring Good Health

  • Aloe species
    These beautiful ancient desert dwellers hold immense medicinal properties deep inside their leaves. Aloe gel is used widely for healing burns, and you'll also find it in nutritional beverages. Whether you pick the classic Aloe vera, or one of many diverse species and cultivars, these are a lovely symbol for good health.
  • Sansevieria sp.
 | Snake Plants
    Sansevierias are also frequently gifted to bring good health. You can breathe easy with a Snake Plant in the bedroom, as they have minimal care needs and are excellent at detoxifying the air in your home.

Calathea Orbifolia / Fusion White | A Houseplant New Year's Tradition - Pistils Nursery

Houseplants to Bring Positivity

  • Marantaceae family | Prayer Plants

    Prayer Plants, such as Calathea and Maranta species, are said to alleviate stress and anxiety when in your home or office. This could be because of their lively activity as they move their leaves throughout the day, radiating good energy and positivity into our spaces. Or perhaps its because of their mesmerizing patterns patterns and cheerful colors.
  • Philodendron hederaceum

    The positivity this trailing heart-leaf Philodendron brings into your home needs little explanation. With its fast-growing foliage and easy care needs, this plant is quick to fill your space with a green oasis, allowing you to easily slip into a personal paradise.

Pilea peperomioides | Turning Over a New Leaf: a Houseplant New Year's Tradition - Pistils Nursery

Houseplants to Bring Good Fortune

  • Pilea peperomioides | Chinese Money Plant
    Shrouded in mystery, Pilea peperomioides originates in southeast China and has been widely shared and talked about. Some believe its coin shaped foliage will bring wealth and good fortune to its caretaker. Easy to propagate and spread the love!
  • Crassula ovata | Jade Plant
    Jade Plants are said to attract wealth and success when cared for properly, especially for business owners. Jades can outlive us and grow alongside us, making them a living embodiment of all we have been through and accomplished over the years.
  • Palms
    In ancient Greece, palm trees were a symbol of the god Apollo who represented many things including prophecy. When placed in the doorway, palms are said to bring good luck and light to all that enter the space. What better way to be greeted into your home?

Turning Over a New Leaf: a Houseplant New Year's Tradition - Pistils Nursery

With the weigh of the world bearing down so heavily these days, join us in throwing out dieting and rigorous exercise this New Year, and welcome in a new tradition: a houseplant to bring us good health, positivity, and good fortune. This January 2021 we celebrate turning over a new leaf.

By: Bee Oxford


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