Anthurium Kokedama

$ 58.00

With their heart-shaped leaves and gorgeous, long-lasting flowers, our Anthurium Kokedama are like stunning, living bouquets. Kokedama is a traditional Japanese form of bonsai in which tropical plants are transformed into living sculptural art pieces -- simply translated, kokedama means "moss ball." Easy to care for and beautiful to behold, Anthurium Kokedama make a dynamic gift for the experienced indoor gardener and amateur alike. 


• Light: Bright, indirect light.
• Water: When moss ball feels dry and lightweight, run under room temperature water until fully saturated.
• Considerations: Blooms are long lasting. Clip away any spent blooms and fertilize in spring to encourage new flowers.


You'll receive one Kokedama made to order, choosing from our collection of Anthuriums - yours may have white, pink, purple, yellow, or red flowers. No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality - expect this natural variation from the photos. Moss ball measures approximately 5" - 6" in diameter. 

Feel free to include any preferences with your order, and we'll do our best to accommodate.