DIY Cork Mount Kit

Kit Type
$ 32.00

Make your own Cork Mount at home with our DIY Kit! Cork mounts are the perfect way to display epiphytic plants in the home. Cork bark is naturally water resistant and provides lots of little nooks and crannies for epiphytic roots to take hold. The moss lets the roots breathe while at the same time providing moisture. These natural displays are a fun way to get a plant out of its pot and onto your wall!

Supply Kit Contents

• Pre-wired natural cork bark, approximately 6.5"-7.5" in length
• Oregon sphagnum moss
• Nylon thread
• Instruction sheet
• (Optional) One 4" Plant Suited for Cork Mounting (Our Choice)

Contents are portioned to create one cork mount, using a 2" - 4" plant.

What to Expect

To complete your kit, we recommend purchasing a 2" - 4" plant that will appreciate the extra air circulation around its roots and can handle drying out a bit. We've found that Hoyas, Jungle Cacti, epiphytic ferns, Asparagus Ferns, and Staghorn Ferns especially love growing on cork mounts. 

Alternatively, select the "Supplies + 4" Plant (Our Choice)" option and we'll personally choose one from our vast assortment of suitable plants and include it with your supplies.