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Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn Ferns

Platycerium ferns make gorgeous, architectural houseplants. These natural epiphytes are perfect for non-traditional plant displays, like cork mounts and wall-hangings. Each plant has a unique personality and shape due to the beautiful, asymmetrical fronds.
Staghorn Fern Plaque - Mounted Platycerium - Pistils Nursery

Staghorn Fern Plaque

From $ 52.00

Mounted Staghorn Fern in Vintage Print Burlap

From $ 42.00
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Platycerium sp. - Staghorn Fern - Pistils Nursery - Platycerium bifurcatum Netherlands, veitchii

Platycerium sp - Staghorn Fern

From $ 12.00
Staghorn Fern Kokedama - Pistils Nursery - Platycerium veitchii, bifurcatum 'Netherlands'

Staghorn Fern Kokedama

$ 52.00