DIY Burlap Mounting Kit

Kit Type
$ 32.00

Our Burlap Mounting Kit contains everything you need to create your own beautiful wall-hanging plant display. Epiphytic plants love the extra air circulation from this set-up, and we love that we don't have to buy another shelf for a new plant! One nail and a brightly lit wall is the perfect canvas for one of these DIY creations. This kit is a great way to elevate your favorite plant, and it makes the perfect interactive gift! 

Interested in a completed product? Check out our Staghorn Burlap Mounts.

Supply Kit Contents

• Hand-cut Cedar Board (approx. 5.5"W x 7.5"H) with Copper Wire Hanging Loop
• Oregon Sphagnum Moss
• Copper Tacks
• Burlap, one side printed, one side plain
• Detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions for assembly and care
Optional: "Our Choice" 4" Tropical Epiphyte

Contents are portioned to create one burlap mount using a 2" - 4" plant.

What to Expect

To complete your kit, we recommend purchasing a 2" - 4" plant that will appreciate the extra air circulation around its roots and can handle drying out a bit. We've found that Hoyas, Jungle Cacti, and Staghorn Ferns especially love growing in our burlap mounts. 

Alternately, select the "Supplies + 4" Plant (Our Choice)" option and we'll personally choose one from our vast assortment of tropical plants and include it with your supplies.