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Plant Craft

Plant Craft

Plant Craft showcases the creations of our houseplant innovation studio. Our small team of artists and makers go beyond the potted plant to design versatile new ways to bring greenery to all areas of the home, from wall to sill to ceiling. The result is a collection of botanical works of art, each piece and kit designed for ease of care, made lovingly by hand.

Staghorn ferns wrapped in burlap, mounted on cedar board - Pistils Nursery - Platycerium bifurcatum Netherlands, Platycerium veitchii

Mounted Staghorn Fern in Vintage Print Burlap

From $ 48.00
Kokedama Kit - Pistils Nursery - DIY String Garden

Kokedama Kit

$ 32.00
Anthurium Kokedama - White Blush - Pistils Nursery

Anthurium Kokedama

$ 48.00
Staghorn Fern Plaque - Pistils Nursery - Cedar Board Platycerium bifurcatum 'Netherlands' veitchii

Staghorn Fern Plaque

From $ 48.00
Apothecary Aerium - Air Plant Terrarium - Pistils Nursery DIY Kit

Apothecary Aerium

From $ 25.50
Wall-hanging Hoya Cork Mount - Pistils Nursery - Hoya pubicalyx

Hoya Cork Mount

$ 48.00
Pocket Aerium - Wall Hanging Tillandsia Terrarium - Pistils Nursery Air Plants

Pocket Aerium

$ 24.50
Hoya carnosa splash kokedama - Pistils Nursery

Hoya Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil' mounted on cork - Aroid - Pistils Nursery

Philodendron Cork Mount

$ 48.00
Vining Kokedama String Garden with Philodendron hederaceum var. micans - Pistils Nursery

Philodendron Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Rhipsalis Cork Mount - Pistils Nursery

Jungle Cactus Cork Mount

$ 48.00
Bird's Nest Fern Cork Mount - Asplenium Nidus - Pistils Nursery

Bird's Nest Fern Cork Mount

$ 48.00
Oasis in the Desert - Rhipsalis and Hatiora in Cholla Wood - Pistils Nursery

Oasis in the Desert

From $ 15.00
Moon Vase Marimo Set - Pistils Nursery

Moon Vase Marimo Set

$ 38.00

Bird's Nest Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Footed Fern Kokedama - Blue Star Fern - Phlebodium aureum - Pistils Nursery

Footed Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Asparagus Fern Kokedama - Pistils Nursery

Asparagus Fern Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Bromeliad Mount - Pistils Nursery - Neoregelia on Grapewood

Bromeliad Mount

$ 48.00
Tillandsia Cork Mount - Pistils Nursery - Air Plants - xerographica, caput mudaseae

Tillandsia Cork Mount

$ 32.00
Asparagus Fern Cork Mount - Pistils Nursery

Asparagus Fern Cork Mount

$ 48.00
Maranta Kokedama - Hanging Prayer Plant String Garden - Pistils Nursery

Maranta Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Rhipsalis Kokedama - String Garden - Pistils Nursery

Jungle Cactus Kokedama

From $ 38.00
Staghorn Fern Kokedama - Pistils Nursery - Platycerium veitchii, bifurcatum 'Netherlands'

Staghorn Fern Kokedama

$ 48.00