As summer peeks around the corner and our plants show off new growth, our furry friends have more opportunities to reach them. Though there are many non-toxic plants that can live in harmony with pets, just as many varieties are toxic to pets and cause harm when ingested. If you are planning on welcoming new plants into your home or your pet has taken a sudden interest in your collection, we hope these pet-friendly tips may help your houseplants thrive harmoniously with your pets.

Getting creative with where we place our houseplants not only benefits our furry friends, but provides an opportunity for us to change up our décor and add new and exciting pet-friendly elements to our homes. One of the many wonderful things about plants is their effortless ability to look fabulous just about anywhere, whether they are mounted on a wall, placed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling. Pet-friendly houseplant décor is also incredibly easy to acquire, which is why taking steps to protect the living things in your home is a fun and simple way to prevent unnecessary stress, setting you up for success.

Housecat with Houseplants | Pistils Nursery

On the Wall

Displaying plants on our walls is a great way to fill those open spaces while simultaneously keeping them out of reach of even the craftiest pets. Here are some of our favorite options:

Cork Mounts

Cork mounts are naturalistic displays that serve as a unique piece of décor and keep plants up and away from your pet's reach. If you are unsure how to go about mounting them yourself, we sell many varieties of plants that are already mounted for you. One of our favorites is the Hoya Cork Mount, specifically because Hoyas are non-toxic to pets.

Floating Shelves

With many sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from, floating shelves provide a stylish and secure area for your plants. Place your favorite plants and crystals on a floating shelf for a beautiful wall accent.

Mounting on Wooden Boards

Water-resistant boards create a perfect backdrop for a plant display. Our burlap staghorn ferns and diamond stags are mounted on durable cedar, able to withstand repeated waterings. When making your own burlap mount, you can also choose from a range of epiphytic plants, providing options to those who want a variety for their collection.

Staghorn Fern Mounts | Pistils Nursery

From the Ceiling

If your pet is a notorious climber, hanging plants from the ceiling may be the only option for you. Luckily, we have a few fun and creative ideas to get your plants in the air.


A staff favorite, Kokedama are hangable houseplants with roots bound in moss, offering an eye-catching and elegant way to display your favorite houseplant. Trailing Philodendrons and wispy Asparagus Ferns are not pet-friendly plants, but as hanging kokedama, they can thrive out of reach.

Plant Hangers

Fabric plant hangers are a great option for minimalists, serving as a simple and complimentary way to keep your plant away from your pet. These hangers pair beautifully with trailing plants such as string of hearts, a pet-friendly sweetheart with dainty heart-shaped leaves.

Macramé is back in style! This knotting technique was first developed in Babylon and Assyria in the 13th Century and slowly spread through Northern Africa and into Europe. In the 17th Century, the technique was extremely popular in Victorian England, even with the Queen herself! Sailors added these knotting techniques to their repertoire to form hammocks and belts, continuing to develop new techniques and designs. The next big macramé resurgence occurred alongside the 1970's houseplant boom, where macramé was used to hang houseplants in an elegant and interesting way! 

Long S-Hooks

For those whose windows are a variety of heights, iron S-hooks are a great tool to adjust the height of your hanging plants. With different sizes to choose from, these sturdy hooks can help your plants reach the light they need while still keeping them out of reach from pets.

Housecat with Houseplant | Pistils Nursery

Tips For Plants Within Reach

If the tips above may not work for your space, don’t worry! There are still small steps you can take to keep your pets away from plants placed on tabletops or the floor. We do strongly advise, however, that any plant within reach of a curious pet should be non-toxic.

Cinnamon (Cat specific)

Cinnamon is a spice that often repels cats due to its strong and spicy scent. Sprinkling a small amount of cinnamon on the top of your soil is a great way to keep even the most mischievous kittens away from your plants. Cinnamon is non-toxic to cats and acts as a natural fungicide with properties to help plants root, making it a safe option for pets and beneficial for your houseplants.


To our pets, everything about our plants can be interpreted as a toy—all the way down to the soil. Placing some large, heavy stones on the top of your soil can keep dogs and cats from digging up your favorite plants and disturbing the roots. (And making a mess!) River rock, lava rock or cinder, pumice, and gravel are great options! Rinse the rocks in the sink before adding them to your planter.

Houseplants with Orange Cat | Pistils Nursery

Plants and pets are both exceptional sources of joy in our homes. We hope these tips provide you with some inspiration as you strive to keep your pets and plants happy and healthy for years to come.


By Hannah Elders

Pistils Nursery