Cozy up with a cup of cheer and create along with us as we share these simple holiday plant crafts. We've selected simple and cost-effective projects that can easily be turned into annual traditions. Connect with the natural world, enhance creativity and find joy from the comfort and warmth of your homes this winter.

Holiday Plant Crafts

Deck the Halls: Wreaths, Garland, and Mistletoe

Get into the spirit by decorating your home! Here are some tips for when using holiday plant crafts to deck your halls.

Spread Cheer with these Holiday Plant Crafts - Pistils Nursery

Create a festive wreath to hang on your front door to welcome the changing season.

  • Start with layering a base of eucalyptus or other green foliage onto a ring. Attach plant material to your wreath with floral wire.
  • Add color and texture with natural materials like pine cones, cranberries, or dried oranges.
  • For finishing touches add a ribbon and wire loop—display with pride and enjoy a warm welcome into your home this holiday season!

String together a garland to drape and display over your mantle.

  • Attach bundles of fir or cypress to some twine or flexible wire.
  • Add color and texture with dried flowers, cranberries, or even string lights.

Hang mistletoe.

  • Surprise your sweetheart with bundles of mistletoe hung throughout your home.

Giving the Tree a Trim: Botanical Gift Wrapping and a Stove-top Simmer

After giving the tree a trim or constructing a wreath, save the scraps for these holiday plant crafts. You can bring a sentimental and classical charm to your home by using ecologically-friendly materials for gift wrapping and adding botanicals to your environment. Use trimmings to put together stove-top simmers and give them to friends and family for holiday aromas.

Gift Wrap

  • Wrap gifts in newspaper or recycled craft paper for a more eco-friendly option.
  • Add a decorative ribbon or twine, and then tuck tree trimmings under the ribbon.

Stovetop Simmer:

  • 1 orange, sliced
  • 3-5 sticks of cinnamon
  • 1 cup fresh cranberries
  • 1–2 sprigs from a fir tree
  • 2 tsp. nutmeg

Fill a pot with water, add the above ingredients, and simmer for seasonal scents!

Spreading Cheer: Mail a Plant or a Cutting with a Holiday Card

Spread cheer to those you love with these holiday plant crafts!

Order a kokedama or mounted plant as a unique and thoughtful botanical gift to send to a loved one.

Or share a piece of your personal collection by taking a small cutting from a favorite houseplant and propagating it. Wrap the cutting in a moist paper towel, place in a sandwich bag, and send it in the mail with a handwritten holiday card.

Spread Cheer with these Holiday Plant Crafts - Pistils Nursery

One plant we especially suggest is the Holiday Cactus. It will bloom and spread cheer in time for the holidays each year.

A Winter Wonder: Blooms in Time for the Holiday Every Year

Forcing bulbs is high on our list of holiday plant crafts that will turn into a botanical tradition every year. Narcissus (aka Paperwhite) Bulbs are popular for their sweet scent and awe-inspiring winter blooms. This craft is easy to start and exciting to watch as it progresses like a living advent calendar.

Spread Cheer with these Holiday Plant Crafts - Pistils Nursery

How to Force Bulbs:

  • Amaryllis Bulbs produce large trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors. Narcissus are white, dainty, cluster bloomers also known as Paperwhites. They are related to daffodils and are often very fragrant—not for the scent sensitive!
  • Place at least a half-inch of rocks (or whatever substrate you’re using) at the bottom of your container. Take the bulbs and arrange them on top of the rocks so that the green end is facing up and the roots are facing down.
  • Add more substrate so that about one-third to one-half of the bulb is covered. Make sure to allow the green end to poke through.
  • Add enough lukewarm water so that the water level rises just to the bottom of the bulb. You want the roots to stay wet at all times. Place in a bright area and change the water out every five to seven days.

How are you spreading cheer this season? Which holiday traditions are you looking forward to? From all of us at Pistils Nursery, we wish you a warm holiday season with happiness and health for the New Year. Cheers!

By: Bee Oxford

Pistils Nursery